Loyalty program YE’SPASS

Just present the electronic key to your suite and get a discount or other benefits!

YE’SPASS is a loyalty program designed for tenants at YE’S, with exclusive discounts and bonuses from our partners. We have carefully selected companies for cooperation in order to offer favorable conditions for a wide variety of services.

“Pech i Lunch” bakery chain

10 10% discount

MAMA ROMA restaurant chain

20% discount (with flyer) and 5% discount for delivery

20 20% discount

“Taxovichkof” taxi service

20% discount with password: “yes apart”

20 20% discount

Clinic of Dr. Kuprin

20% discount on all plastic surgery

20 20% discount

Sushki na Makushke

10% bonus points cashback with every order

10 10% discount


0% discount on menu

20 20% discount


5% discount with YesApart promo code

5 5% discount

“Yuisjan” cafe

20% discount with flyer

20 20% discount


10 10% discount

“GaGa” board game store

25% discount with flyer

25 25% discount

WELLPOINT - Laser and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

10 10% discount

“Apaprtamenti chistoti” laundry

10% discount for laundry

10 10% discount

Fruit shop

5 5% discount

Fly Station

Скидка 20% на полетное время

20 20% discount

BALTMED clinic

10% discount on all services

10 10% discount

“Novy Svet” café and restaurant

10 10% discount

“DOCTOR DENT” dental clinic

20% discount on all types of treatment and prosthetics and 10% discount on implantation

20 20% discount

“Provans” bakery

20% off all menus

20 20% discount

“OCEAN SPA” wellness and beauty center

7 7% discount

“Aromatny mir” wine supermarket

10% discount in stores near “Prospekt Prosveshcheniya” metro station

10 10% discount

SILVER banqueting hall

5% discount on the menu price during a banquet or buffet

5 5% discount

“United Butchers” grill bar

10 10% discount

Street Italy

Vertoletnaya tema

The loyalty program participants are provided with a transfer from the aparthotel to the helipad with a VIP-class car


15 15% discount

“AzianA” Asian cuisine restaurant chain

The loyalty program participants are given a gift with order

Sushi Wok

The loyalty program participants are given a gift with order

Conti-Plus Vivat SPb

3 3% discount

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